Confidence, Security, Hospitality

Oh yes team... if you ask someone to leave, whether or not they paid for their FnB, and if they don't cooperate, feel free to call the cops.

Whether your judgment on that is good or not, I will just have to deal with later. But you should act as if you own the place: after all you already have access to just about everything.



Overpromising is asking for trouble. We won't boast of five-star service until we've been properly assessed. Such qualities are only achievable by the individual ambitions of staff. I reckon we would score in the ballpark of one- or two-star qualities at this point. And for the time being, I can only encourage everyone to raise their aspirations or dawdle in mediocrity.

#Economic Threat Watchlist# So, my people. While we bicker among ourselves and neglect the sleepy customers who walk in without knowing what they want... the real enemy is at the gates, threatening to bankrupt us. Enjoy the slide deck. :)

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