Love and Work

I think about love as having a low priority in life. It's one of those "get it out of the way', things - a biological distraction, like eating. Getting love out of the way is harder than getting an orgasm out of the way. But sometimes opportunities occur. Work has a higher priority than love, in my life. Love is nice, but if a woman has a higher priority on love, we would be such a bad fit.

Love isn't rolling around in bed. It's the prioritisation of a memory. Some may say, there's trust involved. If there's trust and intimacy, and some rolling around, I don't know what else to call it. I'd put a ring on it.

Ain't much else I'd want to put a ring on. :P

There's a lot of sex in the air today. Some of the kids at work were joking about dating, in the office chatroom. I played the public health role and blasted out PSAs on protection and viral concerns.

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