Updated Dating Blurb

It's been a fairly slow day, so I'd had time to chat with new friends and reflect a bit.

"I work in a coffee shop, study people, and enjoy math. The simplest way to remove risk, is to remove complexity.

I don't think I ever stop loving certain people. I remember my crushes and relationships fondly. It doesn't matter where they've been.

Women: I require only physical intimacy. Commitment and depth are available to the right candidates; emotions depend on luck and teamwork. Whispers, cuddling, your hands, sex; possibly more than anything else: the sound of your voice."


Another Facebook post story:

"The party of four arrived separately, three women and a man. Introductions were courteous and professional. After orders were made, he lowered his voice and thanked the others for attending. Rolled eyes and smirks, empathic brows and darting glances, stoic drinking of water, for two seconds. He thanked them for their interest in physical intimacy, without long term consequences - apparently such sequences did not interest the others. And then he asked a strange question, acknowledging first that by doing so he would risk the currency of each asset at the table. The ladies cocked their heads, or were stoic, expressions as varied as their accessories. He asked if they would accommodate each other's involvement over the short term, seeing as how the short term was all that each had to offer. And then some giggled, and some put their heads in their hand in mock exasperation. He said, that making this meeting had been the only reasonable thing to do, seeing as how he loved each of them equally, in a depthless and procedural style. And then the dream broke, as a battery expired, and the device upon which he wrote this story failed silently"


The business of matchmaking:
- the ones you want to marry, just want to fuck
- the ones you want to fuck, just want to date
- the ones you want to date, want to marry


I prefer people who live for work, not vacations. A generalist, I care for many things.

Let's discuss: honesty, fiscal policy, the history of ideas, the structure of a smell and its reproduction, language, math, cognition, consciousness, and this ordered set, [Van Herpen > McQueen > Armani > Chanel > Saab > Versace].

Pause to touch without speaking. The preservation of cadences. On the edges of many modalities, haptics, olfaction, mouthfeel, fingerfall, saltlick, dreamtickle, and sleep.

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