Here is an interesting reflection.

I find that the greatest consumption of my resources at work is in analysing the cognitive activities of colleagues, and interfering with apparently hidden discomforts. In other words, counselling: the profession of my parents (which probably explains why I prefer this paradigm). The fun bit is that in December of 1998 I took a step away from focusing on this profession, which I had been practicing in student organisations since 1996. Until 2004, I made efforts to complement my earlier skilling with a study of cognition as an individual activity, within the context of civilisation's history of ideas. Then, having completed a self-designated period of non-commercial study, I turned to a scheduled study for educational purposes, of commerce until 2008, then a study of technology until 2012. In 2013 I embarked on a decade designated for commercial gain, through various ventures. (I am not very motivated by commercial profit, but it is the current game I am scheduled to play.) During this current period, I am finding that most opportunities for commercial profit lie in the individual need for counsel. I don't like being a smartypants... but if it is what the world requires, then I suppose I must variously interfere. My world this decade is the bottom line. But soon, I may find myself unfit to serve it. We shall see.

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