"I said lead, you followed. He led. The end."


While waiting to fall asleep: I'm trying to figure out how to convert equity into a bond, and doing the math to see if I can make it worth my while to give away all my stocks in exchange for a perpetuity. Interesting. Especially if the counterparties are staff. Of course you can algebraically replace "me," with the body of shareholders in general, and that starts to suggest the theoretical possibility of converting equity investors in industry X into debt investors in industry X. I may need a spreadsheet. Or someone else under these sheets, to keep me entertained.


"So we can work together, right?"
"Yup. They do X, and they do Y, and I'm the human element."
"No, you're all the human element, and if you don't gel then we have a dysfunctional human element."


Feed and clean a baby, and a baby will enjoy your company. Do this repeatedly over the course of years, and you have curated a social network. The commercialisation of this resource may occur at any time, in various ways, but it begins with the entertainment of numerous counterparties with whom you may otherwise have nothing in common. Such is society, and local commerce. That is just part of what it is to be a normal human being.

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