I went for a jog up the street to improve circulation. I'm not supposed to be tired. It's a bit too early for that. A quick review of information systems interacted with today:

- human: accountant
- human: bar manager 1
- bank: company account
- bank: personal account
- accounting: deposits documentation
- accounting: cash position documentation
- human: bar manager 2
- human: executive, on marketing delivery
- software: photo editor
- marketing: channel/funnel control
- culture: art direction of photos
- human: associate, on logistics
- hardware: audio mixer
- human: cook, on ventilation air flows
- human: customer, on menu
- human: shareholder, on current affairs
- legal document: on protocol for shareholder affairs
- human: executive, on interpersonal communications
- software: Facebook ads manager
- software: Facebook ads Power Editor
- human: shareholder, on marketing tactics

It doesn't seem like a lot... but... then again... some of those items are really memory intensive, so the swapping is probably quite thrashy...

Missed a few? All the eyecandy, potty breaks, and making fun of my singlehood with [staff] - don't count.

Nap time.

Got up. just remembered that I forgot to replace this :p

Up next, completing the hack on Facebook Ads Power Editor. Then to review and communicate a partner's offers to other partners. And then to report on current cash situation. And then maybe to propose a future direction.

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