I find that I surround myself with people that I love regardless of how they feel about me. A pair of eyes on my phone. Letters barrelling out into oblivion. Mindless banter with beautiful people. It's all quite selfish. Busy people truly have no time to meet other busy people, except by appointment.


Priestess: The sanctum is vulnerable. No one may come near. The moat of my profession protects the persistence of my people. For now.

Rogue: Don't do what you're not ready to do. I'm not asking you to let me in now. I'm just waiting by the door. Maybe when you're tired I'll reach in and rub your forehead. That's all. Stay inside. I'll stay outside. We all have work to do. We all have bets.

Priestess: I do not want your time wasted.

Rogue: It is freely spent. It must be spent anyway, my love. Might as well spend it on things I care about. 😘 Even if those are ephemeral. None of us is free to move to paradise. We just visit. If nothing else, I enjoy writing to you.


Unrelated, but at this time I'm awake thinking about this: anyone who thinks I'm primarily interested in profit evidently didn't notice that I've publicly downgraded Sudo Brew from four to three stars. I'm looking for quality. We don't have it.

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