I suppose if one thing seems disgusting, it is that many are not prepared for senseless death. That is a tragedy that never seems to go away. Never ever. And if suddenly you feel aggrieved, welcome to my world. Hehe.


Only fools believe that robots are less human, or that the human mind does much more than store and process memories.


Back to bed. Conf call at 8pm. Whee. I wonder how many more heads I have to dive into today. Hehehe. It's tiring.


I spend most of my resources at work on conflict resolution. This is a lot of fun. However, it would be nice to be able to do that without having to worry about the business at the same time. Therefore the current conflicts to be resolved at the top of my priority list are the conflicts which inhibit the business from running itself.

While I do find it possible to manipulate my feelings in order to empathise with individuals, the part of my brain that deploys this manoeuvre is also the part of my brain that addresses business case studies, aesthetic critiques, and software development concerns - because all of these are to me, modelled as computable issues.

So if I am to be working on conflict resolution, I will need someone else to be working on determining why we care to resolve these conflicts in the first place... i.e. the person who is managing the business. We can switch roles, that's fine, but I don't find it easy to play both roles at once, since I don't find it easy to play Tetris on two different orders of complexity at the same time. And yes, it is pretty much just Tetris to me: people are such simple problems.

This comes from my background in pursuing the quantification of human experience as a core focus of my studies. Unfortunately, once you get into that, people are no longer just people... they are logical problems.

Where do I personally prefer to spend my time? Probably on whatever scope of the problem seems to be least likely to be near a resolution. That is a personality trait which may be verbalised as brinkmanship, I suppose.


One thing the politicians consistently get wrong. Not all acts of hate are acts of terror. If you are killed because someone wants you to stop living... trust me, they don't care if anyone is terrified or not.


Many sausages are tasty when hot. But the superior sausage is tasty when cold, and wet. - Sage Sau, The Art of Sausage


Wake up. Time to clean. And to think about the next job.

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