Yawn 2

Do we stay in character today?
10:35am - yes. Next check, soon enough.
Rustic is boring. Artisanal is unnecessary.
Still in character and managing to talk about little else besides sex, tech, and mergers. OK, bed time before business planning.
I'm all outta hours and I'm all out of cash. So it's time for bed. 10am and 3pm meetings and more sleep in between, if lucky.
LUD: laborious unscheduled disassembly lol
Bedtime. Then perhaps a second day of planning.
Unit online. Analytics on the agenda.
Done with a quick glance and some tweaks to marcomms. Back to fiscal concerns.
Come on guys. Start by assuming that standard mathematical notation gets off on the wrong footing. LOL. And there I was taking a stroll at 3 a.m. and reminding myself that the peace and calm is the superficial result from a process involving a network of selective memories.
Things must be interesting, when the accountant is praying to Jesus, at you, in WhatsApp.
Sometimes I wake up stressed, and it takes a few minutes to remember that I'm just parsing a memory of empathy with some other person. Then unfurl the "call stack," and the stress disappears, as preferred.
I wonder how long it will take for global markets to react as if they don't need Britain. Lol
Staff: "Apparently I'm not good at anything."
Trainer: "Well, this stage of your training is about learning not to care if other people hate your work."
Staff: "What am I in charge of?"
Trainer: "Anything you can put your foot down on... without caring if others hate you."
Staff: "What if they don't talk to me?"
Trainer: "Do you suppose anyone will survive for long in that fashion?"
Staff: "Why did you hire me?"
Trainer: "High APM."
Staff: "But you said I was slow."
Trainer: "You're slow because you keep clicking on the same thing over and over again..."
Sat 10pm: expansion meeting
Sat 11pm: survival meeting
Sun 10am: survival AND expansion meeting
Sun 12pm: advisory meeting
Aside from all the internal coaching, and risk of shutting down, that's a lot of flap.
Meetings are moving around. Done cleaning the toilet, so it time to get up and about.
Inspired by a nickname from staff:
1. Get entire staff to use Slack.
2. Write a BossBot on Slack to counsel staff.
3. Test the BossBot against the Immortality threshold by occasionally impersonating the bot, and seeing if staff can tell the difference.
‪#‎whileIWasJogging‬ ‪#‎whatWeShouldReallyBeDoing‬

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