Organisational Communications Guide

Following any general announcement, plan to meet every subsequent contstituency, to deliver a face-to-face briefing/coaching on items in the announcement. In order for this to happen systematically, keep track of a spreadsheet where each internal communication is tracked as follows:
1. What is the intended behaviourial change, that is targeted? (Control objective.)

2. What is the message, and strategic method of delivery for this message, in order to best achieve (1.)? (Comms strategy.)

3. What difficulties were encountered in implementing (2.) and (1.)? (Tactical review - including a matrix/table that tracks all her meetings per message per audience member.)

4. Before deploying (1.), (2.), and (3.), dates of review need to be set up in a calendar. The reviews will cover the success rates of (1.), (2.), and (3.) and planning for next steps.

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