Enforced Reflection

This really is a bit of making myself sit down on a bench outside the office, to talk to myself via a keyboard. I don't have much of a verbal thought process. Typically I can process information a lot faster as images and sounds, and with operations upon those, rather than semantic operations and symbolic reasoning. What little internal monologue I had over various years in the past, has dwindled to a dull hum over the past few months, given that I do not speak aloud about many things at the office (conversation almost always revolves around the mundanities of increasing discipline in our little coffee shop's operations), I am almost never anywhere but the office, and that I do not read very broadly outside of the bedtime readings that adorn my social media feeds.

I conjure up in my mind the main considerations I have had at work: there isn't much use in writing more about cyclic rotations of talent at this point - I'm not exactly writing a manual for how to juggle different business functions implementing a strange business model (perhaps I should start blogging about work). As previously noted, I've spent a good amount of time this year just trying to help staff talk to each other. So well now, less of that, that's work for wages.

Outside of wages, I suppose I remain affected by the non-presence of various muses, whether they remain conscious of my existence or not. I suppose I'm impersonal about many things in the most disgusting ways - sometimes I consider a set of people, recognise a pattern that they have in general, and simply decide that I like that about all of them. Some are geographically nearer, some farther. Some speak, some do not. Some hide, some do not. Some I feel closer to than my biological family. But these cares are indeterminate in the long run.

It is late. I must continue this exercise later.

[Intermission consists of cleaning out two curbside trash cans, and then eating a breakfast of roast pork, and then listening to a colleague who works in video production talk about films.]

Someone offers to read what ends up being written. I don't really have anything to say to myself. Perhaps, I just need to increase SNS stimulation further, never mind the semantics.

So strangely enough, the day ends with a movie. Perhaps that is a refresher in social cues, since I mostly do not fraternise with staff or customers.

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