To a writer at the Atlantic, who invited comments.

I tweeted about this earlier:

1. Where did Pence's tickets come from? The VP-elect does not simply attend a venue of artistic expression hosted by those *widely known to be his political enemies (or at least, folks whose cultures have been actively disenfranchised by his past policy-making)*. Was it not an act of solidarity for him to even bother reaching out to attend in the first place? Was it an invitation by a third party, a personal effort, or that of a professional PR team?

2. The same questions about who's Tweeting the Donald's reaction should be immediately asked. Is it the Donald himself, Parscale & co., or some other strategic *sic* advisors?

Those questions invite answers that are fundamental to untwisting the post-ness of the truth about these matters. As Trump's career plays up the degree of irony expected to be the new normal in American public discourse, English majors may suddenly have found their commerciability - in having been trained to rationalise and decipher wads of narrative that are neither written to be read literally, nor inviting of singular interpretation. In simpler terms: it would be DELIGHTFUL to see publications such as yours laying out the narrative space, delineating in simple terms the meanings of all public appearances by these newly elected leaders.

Non-American citizen here - I run a coffeeshop in Malaysia, but have lived in Kentucky and Maine for almost five years. Hope I'm not commenting completely out of context.

Thank you for smoking.

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