Political Views may be Controversial

On this.

This is precisely why it could be less dangerous to vote for him, than some people believe :P

And the in the comments:


X: we shall see 4 years later.

me: I'm not even sure if he'll survive till March... I remain interested to see what actually happen.


People (have) die(d). I'm not betting that it won't happen. So I acknowledge the potential consequences, but I disagree with you about whether it is the right or wrong thing to do.

I'm with the camp that believes that Trump is not personally, himself, ideologically driven. So I don't see his campaign rhetoric as reflective of his personal beliefs.

Sure, he may encourage a lot of violence and death. But it is not the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario is when he ceases to be a businessman, and starts to act on ideological beliefs which are identical to those of the people whose violent actions have been encouraged by his campaign rhetoric.

Updated: as I remember there have been hate crime deaths since the election. As to whether the rate of hate crime deaths has risen since, I don't know, but the rate of hate crimes certainly has. This does NOT, in my view, mean that the election result was one that I'd have strongly opposed. Lightly opposed with some consideration, perhaps.


Well I'm the kind of guy who would vote UMNO... I think we really are different in the amount of facism we're willing to tolerate.

Mostly, I remain on the fence. I'm really distasteful to humanists that way. Never been sure if it's the right thing to do... but definitely sure that I have to live with it...


Anyway, we already agree that hate crimes are up. I would agree that the Trump administration is toxic. We disagree about the pros and cons of voting the Trump administration into office.

Let's talk about the TA for a second. Trump's transition team, potential cabinet picks, and overall staff leadership is well documented for sounding off alarm bells on all the points you mentioned. A few queer options like Matthis just make it more interesting. (I mean queer in the old brit sense, of course.)

I would strongly entertain the (well known) hypothesis that Bannon dominates the narrative, and therefore may be setting up the leadership placements behind the scenes. I'll be watching it closely.

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