October was a rather harrowing month, for various reasons. Just the usual organisational development and talent management issues. In early November I've had a few days of relatively luxurious rest and recreation. The latter R word doesn't seem to cut it when it comes to describing the systematic nature of stimulation that is intended to reverse atrophy in mind and body, so I've taken to say "reconstruction," instead.

I'm still in the process of recovering a previously optimised sense of time and social propriety. I hope I have not burnt any bridges or engaged in any criminal activity unknowingly. It is okay, however, to have traded away various opportunities, as that is the nature of work/economics. You can't obtain every resource, or develop every resource, or utilise every resource. A lot of resources you just have to let go. You leave a bad taste in various minds, by accident, and the semantic may never go away - there is never enough time to fix every relationship that one enables.

I still miss at least one girl in a faraway place, who no longer speaks to me. I have in my todo list the task of making a pilgrimage to her city, not to look for her (that would be impolite), but to fulfil my curiosity about what could have been the case if I had been of greater economic standing (or gumption) at a past time.

Meanwhile, there remain many errors to repair at the current operation. I am still troubled, daily.

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