(In response to a question about what a Facebook post means.)

Got back to a computer... it would have taken too long to type on mobile.

"Back to the fires." - I now return to the office to address problems which are the constituents of my work.

"Non-falsification of the success hypothesis" - Is roughly equivalent to saying "Proving that this business has been a successful investment." Every business enterprise is entered into upon certain assumptions. One of those assumptions is that there will be an actual increase of the real (as opposed to nominal) value of the balance sheet of the enterprise, that will be returned to investors as real gains on their capital, before the enterprise is destroyed. This assumption is demonstrably true if the real value of the balance sheet increases, and if such capital is returned to investors such that they receive real returns on the investment of their capital, before the business is destroyed. The assumption is demonstrably false if the business is destroyed before investors receive real returns on their capital. [This may sound like a scientific approach, but because the hypothesis applies only to a particular enterprise at a particularly point in time, and as the hypothesis is not meant to be generalisable to other similar entities, therefore the inquiry into this hypothesis cannot be regarded as science. All science requires falsifiable hypothesis testing, but not all hypothesis testing falls within the domain of science. "The hypothesis is too specific to be regarded as a scientific endeavour."]

"will depend on sheer resilience to repetition of predictable actions," - We are building a business that relies heavily on the presence of warm bodies to execute documentation (e.g. accounting), and operations in general (the superset of accounting, which includes other business activities). It is often the case that these warm bodies fail to deliver on requirements. The continuous manufacture, repair, and replacement of these warm bodies is in and of itself, a rather predictable process. However, it must be repeated many times until the enterprises reaches demonstration of the enterprise as a successful investment.

"at quality." - It is not sufficient to simply repeat predictable actions in any approximate fashion. It is instead needful to repeat predictable actions with specific degrees of accuracy, otherwise they cannot be considered to have been repeated at all.

So this is why I generally don't bother explaining what I mean when people say that they don't understand what I'm talking about.

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