Thoughts at Work

The standard for staffing isn't particularly high around here. We just require you to be capable of design work, and willing to do your own construction. tongue emoticon Consultants and slaves can fuck off.

I don't celebrate Chinese New Year. I celebrate work. Point of values - you have yours, I have mine. smile emoticon

So if you want to be complicated, your business model mustn't depend on loyalty.

We shouldn't try to be original. More often than otherwise, originality is trivial. It's much harder to be good at what we do. And if we are good at what we do, then accidental originality has a higher probability of being non-trivial.

I was supposed to be an engineer or an architect. Someone I accidentally ended up as some sort of philosopher and restaurateur. Same difference I suppose. Oops. For now.

Based on 2008 quantified ops priorities:

(1) Work
(2) Lovers
(3) Friends
(4) Family

I almost never hit (3); (2) already gets a target of like 2.5% of my waking hours on average. Tis the age to be working. It's not for everyone... :-/

45 minutes/day works for a partner of like mind. There should be zero overheads on manja-ness. :P

I really value 1 because it pays for itself.

2, 3 can prove efficiencies in 1.

4 has very limited contributions to 1, so it's there as a talking point.


On Training: Technical, Compassionate, and Rhetorical Skills

I would hire people with empathy over people with technical aptitude, because it's harder to build empathic structures than to build technical structures, in their brains. However, once onboard, I would train people in technical skills before training them in being hospitable... simply because it's harder to build technical structures than to train someone to method act so that they can put on any face to any audience without flinching, regardless of what they actually feel. Nevertheless, training the development of true empathy takes the longest time of all.