Emotional engagement is easy for me, and I find emotions easy to manipulate. With people I trust,  I tend to prefer being on the receiving end of manipulative attempts. And I tend to avoid attempting manipulation until I am bored with the status quo. #sublife #toomanypsintheteam



#INFJ s have well positioned minds, admitting only the shreds of trust that pass their longsuffering contemplation. Reasons are useless here. They rarely invite themselves, but may respond at times to invitations. Ask to show them, then show them. Other words are wasteful. To be the don, one must be a dom. <3. A contemplation of all the INFJs I've lost along the way. #til


Kitchen Rush

Captain's Log, 2016-02 Day 8. Towards the end of ops month four. (Ops started on 2015-10 Day 13.) Reports below refer to calendar months.

Monthly run rate is decelerating,  based on MTD figures. But I suppose that's okay if (COGS + OpEx) is decelerating more but we have no clear data on that. Also we haven't expanded kitchen operations into the most profitable shift of the day,  but we must within a week.

By EOM, we need to have suceeded in deploying
(i) execs on supply chain
(ii) line cooks to cover 240-410% more shifts/week than the present, while cutting pastry costs by 50% via insourcing,  and
(iii) the marketing funnel to grow mean daily net food sales by 270%, in order to grow mean daily net sales by 77%.

If we don't get close, we're pivoting away from 24-7 positioning for at least several weeks! All that matters here is the quality of people on the team,  and that is to be judged by its success or failure. 😁


Nerd vs Consumer

The body of consumer marketing is endlessly fascinating. Its head consists of myriad tribal languages (cultures; turns of phrase visual,  aural,  and more), its heart is set by mewling poms of a thousand varieties (each fundamentally the same),  its substrate is the graph of meat that turns food into carnival (billions of human bodies, governed by a specific information system sometimes referred to as consciousness). To me these things are easy,  and often gross. At work I see myself primarily as a manager of money. All balance sheets are the same. What I have to do, is merely plumb the morass of corporate and artisanal staff, customers, a market substrate,  and machinery... nudging us forward each day, along an undetermined vector, in an n-dimensional probability space. It is in this activity that one contemplates the control of variances, in the movements of particles through such space. Particles: a simplifying assumption.

And then I get to figure out how to translate how I think about the problem, to people who mostly just want good food,  or good coffee,  or a peaceful ambience, or friends, or family,  or a stable job.

Such is nerd life...