Today was filled with conversations, about people who had it good but didn't make the most of it. Equilibrium may be shocking, or relieving, depending on which side of the imbalance one was previously on. Nature is not a force to be reckoned with. Only the predicate, "what is Y, the nature of X?," retains its value. That is metaphysics, upon which ethics is contingent. The question of ethics is simply, "given Y, what Z do we do?"


This week's CEO style: tank driver.
Sneak around. Sprint. Get gunners into position. Yell at everyone. Apologise for the geraniums. Report position. Call air strike. GTFO. Try not to get blown up. Ok, enough procrastinating... time to get out of bed.


This is how I react to media asking to feature the cafe:

1. Cafes are boring.

2. You should talk to the staff, about their personal motivations. It makes a better story, and ffs... cafes are really boring.

3. People make better subjects for stories. You must ask them what they want, how they are trying to get it, and later if they discovered it was the right or wrong way to go about it. We have 30 staff, we have 19 shareholders, talk to them.

4. Cafes are really fuckin boring. Plz. Plz...


I've grown used to planning my life in 10-year chunks, and punching through the days on a 10-second basis. I enjoy the relationship between the very big, and the very small. Somewhere in between, most people find a way of living that I tend to write off as being rather temporary. We will all pass away. smile emoticon


Life as a 12-year-old

People sometimes ask how one can work hard at something they don't care for at all. I don't know - but I had to do it. I had to learn an entire language that I hated for five years, dodging big people wielding sticks, their minions of my own age, working fairly, begging for pity, and lying my way through that system starting from the age of six. At the end of that, I managed to get an A for Chinese composition, and left most of that behind. I'm a product of chinks, and their cultural values, but I don't really like them. So that taught me that it's possible to do ridiculous things just to survive. :)


Already We Understand Each Other

I have lived among the filial for many years. I understand your religions, your communal standards, and your values. But I shall peacefully avoid sharing many of these things, as they do not provide me with a quality of life that I enjoy. We may dance.