I cannot underscore it enough. A bad customer is like a bad staff is like a bad entrepreneur (me!) is like a stain on the floor. Do not encourage. Improve. Only that is admirable.

Today's mop list:

- training in spreadsheet software
- training in the maintenance of accounts
- marketing communications, SEO, public profile pages
- internal communications coaching

Nope, not a lot of strategic work, unless you see each reposte as an implementation of higher-level strategy. As for why we do it... well, there was a point in my life when I studied what it means to be a strategy consultant. And then I decided that I would be a much more valuable strategy consultant if I got a lot of experience in ops. Hehe.


When to Sleep

Daily, one should exit the office considering the highest risk factors to an operation, and one must be prepared to return to an office which has befallen the catastrophic incurrence of each known, and then some unknown risks. So it is easy to judge when one should seek rest: as soon as one is unable to address known risks; and it is easy to judge when one should cease rest: as soon as one is enabled to engage at full efficacy with all anticipated emergency situations.