Love letters no one is expected to understand

In some not too distant future, the amenities of sex and friendship will be partially mediated by machines indistinguishable from people.

But whether it's surrogate machines or the current practice of human sex and friends for hire, those relationships are different from the relationships people share with other people.

And I suppose that's what I find in you. A common history.


We aggressively deprioritise the retention of people:

  • who don't tolerate other people whom they don't like, or
  • who develop hate for individuals (which is different from hate for the behaviour of the individuals).

I like to bet on cohesive but larger teams of B-types over a small and antisocial team of A-types. And I say that as a B who's used to working alone (perhaps one who regularly pretends to be an A for fucks sake, every so often).

That being said, the A/B dichotomy is one of the dumbest paradigms in the field of personality theory - but you do know where it comes from - the A-types are ones who are easily stressed (regardless of performance), and the B-types just be chill tongue emoticon


In another conversation on whether I just turn off my emotions and feelings at work, like a "banker,":
I treat commerce in general as filth. Because I think most people are tasteless dumbfucks. It doesn't really matter if I don't make money. It's just a point of view. So in commerce, I suspend that belief, and it makes it possible for me to engage in commercial activites without giggling incessantly.

All activities are filthy. Some people try to make money to get around it. I prefer to believe that it'll probably be as gnarly either way.


Love and Work

I think about love as having a low priority in life. It's one of those "get it out of the way', things - a biological distraction, like eating. Getting love out of the way is harder than getting an orgasm out of the way. But sometimes opportunities occur. Work has a higher priority than love, in my life. Love is nice, but if a woman has a higher priority on love, we would be such a bad fit.

Love isn't rolling around in bed. It's the prioritisation of a memory. Some may say, there's trust involved. If there's trust and intimacy, and some rolling around, I don't know what else to call it. I'd put a ring on it.

Ain't much else I'd want to put a ring on. :P

There's a lot of sex in the air today. Some of the kids at work were joking about dating, in the office chatroom. I played the public health role and blasted out PSAs on protection and viral concerns.


All I Ask

... for is a cafe with bank-level compliance, and telco-level marketing. And that may cost us every other competitive advantage. Lulz