Our Ghosts, Our Shells

I watched it because you loved it. I went looking for you. It's resonates with your recent thirst for freedom. I found it amusing that I watched... a movie about robots seeking sex and freedom of expression... because I missed a woman whom I love, who doesn't believe she understands how I see the world. Well. The whole ghost concept... in that language then: I spent 1999-2004 trying to figure out the encoding of ghosts. I only had one to test - my own. Then I figured out how it works, how to read, write, and erase it... and that's all there is to how I see the world. I'm afraid that it will only drive us farther apart. But I think that simply sums up what you don't get about me. For now.

The script speaks of diving, one ghost exploring the space that contains another ghost. That is what we do without wires. That is why we love holding and being held and being talked to. It is diving. A circuit of signals is made complete, and information moves along it.

The bandwidth of skin and eardrums is much higher, than the information conveyed in texts. Imagination is the part of ghosts that does the decompression of information transfered in text.

And that's why I love listening to certain voices. I can hear the stress of muscles struggling to turn air into sounds in an effort to communicate with another.



Malaysia is full of inbred brainchildren. Can't throw a stone without stumbling across some variety of hapless brainchild.


Malaysia is full of inbred brainchildren. Can't take a walk without stumbling across some variety of hapless brainchild.


Mind and body are one. If you've sold your time, your mind and body have been tenanted. C'est la vie.


Sometimes I notice that I expect "safe" technology companies to sell housemaids and school teachers, and others to sell spouses and bodyguards. There is simply no question in my mind that this will eventually be normal, because I know how it would work in software, and the economic implications are obvious. What is wrong with me, is that I forget that this is not yet the case with the majority of society. Most people still doubt that humanity is trivial. Meanwhile, one works simply with what is given, without asking much of the world. Let the hungry ones fight for their baubles.

(A reflection on work. Of course. I was going to send this to a friend, but decided it should be lit in a broader light.)


Up time. All kinds of programming for a few hours. The programming of people.


It does not feel like good stewardship to react to a backlog of work by sleeping. But then, when was the last time I trusted my feelings?


Folks always ask, "what are you going to do next?" And it would not be a success to have to find out soon, but I would probably look for a quiet data munging job in a peaceful company. Otherwise I guess I'm stuck in politician mode for a few years till this works out. smile emoticon


Spring Project

Do you know what it's like to have someone you've known for most of your life. And to meet them once every two to four years? Some friends, from school perhaps. But what if you love them? Well love comes and goes. Only work remains. ;)

Love ain't purdy. Love is work. I think I have a type.

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