Trench Fighting

How does one know if the job is right? You go on and on, and you haven't fired each other. How does one know if the girl is right? That's just a subset of the first problem. So while I recuperate between meetings, I find myself hurling poetry into a text box... where it travels across straits and seas and mountains only to be read by creatures ancient and droll, dredged up from the earlier days of my youth. Why are we still here? ;)



Well, thanks to recent media coverage, the business is BEGINNING to look viable. We have monitored different growth factors from October to April, and it looks like April growth is landing just on time after about seven weeks of stagnance. Budget tweaks will happen soon, meanwhile, it seems that dishwashing duty is on the cards along with 2:26 recent sleeping to waking ratio. If we actually make enough money to survive the year, I am interested in hiring myself out of all roles except dishwashing. But then, I am interested in too many things...

Customer: Do you have children?
Me: Why are you asking me that? I'm not sure I want to talk about that part of my life.
Customer: Your children must miss you so much.
Me: These are my children. *gestures towards a half-dozen staff* This is the closest I get to taking care of a group of small animals...

Customer was very cute. But I passed her to a staff, telling her to impress him if she wanted more free coffee. ‪#‎winginIt‬