On why I'm in the camp that often associates smiling with fools.

Oh. It's just a personal thing. Meet too many smiley stupid people and reasonable less-smiley ones, and you'll perceive a correlation. Everyone's data is different, that's the nature of subjective experience.

Values. In the grand scheme of things I don't value emotions, and therefore I don't value people who are sensitive to emotions - guess I'm just a fascist that way. Day to day - sure emotions are valuable tools for interacting with animals in general. It's all an information system to me. It could possibly be the case that emotions are the most energy efficient information processing system that could result from our path in evolution - but as far as I'm concerned, the jury's out on whether they have lasting value (in the future of consciousness as we know it).



A: Is this the MBTI obsession thing again?

Me: I'm not obsessed with MBTI... rather it's the simplest way to get into conversations with randos about AI.

A: Do you type everyone?

Me: Well you know how you go around and see "man," or "woman," etc... well I tend to just see types, not people. I'm not interested in individual people... I'm interested in the software model that sufficiently complex to replace all people.

Cut Off

She: Well look who's here. Will you forgive me?
He: For what?
She: I don't know. You just stopped us from talking.
He: I'm sorry.
She: I'm sorry.
He: For what.
She: I don't know. Does it matter. Do you forgive me?
He: Do you forgive... me?
She: I suppose so, even though I don't know why, or what this has been about.
He: How does it go from here?
She: Together, I hope.