I find that I surround myself with people that I love regardless of how they feel about me. A pair of eyes on my phone. Letters barrelling out into oblivion. Mindless banter with beautiful people. It's all quite selfish. Busy people truly have no time to meet other busy people, except by appointment.


Priestess: The sanctum is vulnerable. No one may come near. The moat of my profession protects the persistence of my people. For now.

Rogue: Don't do what you're not ready to do. I'm not asking you to let me in now. I'm just waiting by the door. Maybe when you're tired I'll reach in and rub your forehead. That's all. Stay inside. I'll stay outside. We all have work to do. We all have bets.

Priestess: I do not want your time wasted.

Rogue: It is freely spent. It must be spent anyway, my love. Might as well spend it on things I care about. 😘 Even if those are ephemeral. None of us is free to move to paradise. We just visit. If nothing else, I enjoy writing to you.


Unrelated, but at this time I'm awake thinking about this: anyone who thinks I'm primarily interested in profit evidently didn't notice that I've publicly downgraded Sudo Brew from four to three stars. I'm looking for quality. We don't have it.


Brands are People are Computable

I must return to work in three hours, but I have not yet fallen asleep. How can I trick my brain into sleepiness? Can I perhaps recall a previous state of mind: one of fear and trembling, of desperation and grief, and overwhelming weakness. Well, it seems to help...


Best news today. Indications that I can soon hand over the mantle of brand management. Let's see how that possibility develops.

I think it really depends on the conviction of the manager, if he/she is committed to the profession of developing the brand. I'm quite happy to let it go and go do other stuff loll.

"Why does one require conviction?"

Well it's fairly straightforward, the creation of content under the guise of a brand requires one to impersonate the personality of the brand.

The activity of such impersonation can become disinteresting for various economic and aesthetic reasons.

End of the day, I don't really care what kind of crap we sell as long as I don't have to associate myself with the decisions about curating it. Loll

For example: delegation of bar duties means I stop caring what the bar serves for the most part. Ditto kitchen. Hopefully, ditto brand.

Not sure if it's wise. But it could be incredibly scalable.

In formal terms, what we're hoping for her is a delegation of brand ownership so that the CEO can focus on talent management, and not brand management.

The brand owner however must be completely in tune with the personality of the brand, to the point of multiple-personality consciousness on the part of the owner... otherwise you get a brand that lacks in character development, and really brings nothing personal to the market.

Brand management has to be a method acting gig. Anything shy of that is good, but not great.

To ease the burden of multiple-personality management, brand ownership may be executed by committee. But that run the risk of the brand itself appearing schizoid - so the committee has to be rather tightly knit.

(I suppose the main reason I see it this way, is because I treat brands as a subset of people in general, and people as a subset of computable models in general. Geez. Why do we have an AI nut trying to run the business... one wishes he had better things to do...)


Two hours till active duty. The way forward is clearer.


Review of risks:
2001-2005: one low risk-return job - a low risk-return strategy.
2005-2008: three low risk-return jobs, in a row - a medium risk-return strategy.
2008-2012: five high risk-return jobs, in a row - a high risk-return strategy.
Furlough: spent it on a basket containing high risk-return commercial activities, and low risk-return intellectual pursuits.
2013-2016: five high risk-return jobs, in a row.
At which point I start to wonder of it's time to "retire again."


A problem that I have with most people, is that they don't feel free to choose death. It makes their lives so... inevitable.

On Friendships

An article cites some research suggesting that social circles begin to shrink when one is 25-years-old.

I dropped everyone at 15. Though, this was partially facilitated by environmental changes. I figured that social life was too easy. There must be harder things to do.

So now, women are a domain of recreation when work proves too wearisome, and work is a project in the arc of personal development. What is the theme of this development?



Updated Dating Blurb

It's been a fairly slow day, so I'd had time to chat with new friends and reflect a bit.

"I work in a coffee shop, study people, and enjoy math. The simplest way to remove risk, is to remove complexity.

I don't think I ever stop loving certain people. I remember my crushes and relationships fondly. It doesn't matter where they've been.

Women: I require only physical intimacy. Commitment and depth are available to the right candidates; emotions depend on luck and teamwork. Whispers, cuddling, your hands, sex; possibly more than anything else: the sound of your voice."


Another Facebook post story:

"The party of four arrived separately, three women and a man. Introductions were courteous and professional. After orders were made, he lowered his voice and thanked the others for attending. Rolled eyes and smirks, empathic brows and darting glances, stoic drinking of water, for two seconds. He thanked them for their interest in physical intimacy, without long term consequences - apparently such sequences did not interest the others. And then he asked a strange question, acknowledging first that by doing so he would risk the currency of each asset at the table. The ladies cocked their heads, or were stoic, expressions as varied as their accessories. He asked if they would accommodate each other's involvement over the short term, seeing as how the short term was all that each had to offer. And then some giggled, and some put their heads in their hand in mock exasperation. He said, that making this meeting had been the only reasonable thing to do, seeing as how he loved each of them equally, in a depthless and procedural style. And then the dream broke, as a battery expired, and the device upon which he wrote this story failed silently"


The business of matchmaking:
- the ones you want to marry, just want to fuck
- the ones you want to fuck, just want to date
- the ones you want to date, want to marry


I prefer people who live for work, not vacations. A generalist, I care for many things.

Let's discuss: honesty, fiscal policy, the history of ideas, the structure of a smell and its reproduction, language, math, cognition, consciousness, and this ordered set, [Van Herpen > McQueen > Armani > Chanel > Saab > Versace].

Pause to touch without speaking. The preservation of cadences. On the edges of many modalities, haptics, olfaction, mouthfeel, fingerfall, saltlick, dreamtickle, and sleep.