Here is an interesting reflection.

I find that the greatest consumption of my resources at work is in analysing the cognitive activities of colleagues, and interfering with apparently hidden discomforts. In other words, counselling: the profession of my parents (which probably explains why I prefer this paradigm). The fun bit is that in December of 1998 I took a step away from focusing on this profession, which I had been practicing in student organisations since 1996. Until 2004, I made efforts to complement my earlier skilling with a study of cognition as an individual activity, within the context of civilisation's history of ideas. Then, having completed a self-designated period of non-commercial study, I turned to a scheduled study for educational purposes, of commerce until 2008, then a study of technology until 2012. In 2013 I embarked on a decade designated for commercial gain, through various ventures. (I am not very motivated by commercial profit, but it is the current game I am scheduled to play.) During this current period, I am finding that most opportunities for commercial profit lie in the individual need for counsel. I don't like being a smartypants... but if it is what the world requires, then I suppose I must variously interfere. My world this decade is the bottom line. But soon, I may find myself unfit to serve it. We shall see.



Millennials are just the beatniks gone mainstream. What's the big deal.


Excellently normal day. Washed dishes, troubleshot electrical problems, and engaged in basic coaching. Basically didn't do anything that required parts of my brain that developed after the age of 13... it's good to just do kiddy stuff for a while. Perhaps necessarily, since I've been half-asleep all weekend...


Periods: a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade. Nothing at all to look forward to. So still awake out of curiosity. However, there is a chance that I will discover some insight after sleep, so I have decided to go back to sleep, for now.




Someone called for cover? Fire everything ...