Conversations with a Journalist

[I had just created a photo album on Facebook, where I saved photos of comment threads where the participants appeared to be attempting to stir up trouble.]

J: Good anti troll measure lol.

Me: Risk management vs comment deletion. Also he is probably drunk as usual. However, I think he can petition to have photos deleted. I'm not sure how FB reacts to that.

J: why not collect them all and send them to his boss

Me: I do not suppose his boss cares. But since he is picking on me, I might as well... documentary. Hey, I'm not free enough to take up an interest in his effect on the public good... I'm just doi.ng this for self defense. If you want to go ahead and make a campaign of this, be my guest.

J: great measure though. have you done this before

Me: Not really. We'll see how FB reacts.

J: how does he hold down a job
as a community evangelist
of all things
the irony is incomprehnsible

Me: Well, not my place to judge.
I like Bill Maher's style.
Let them shoot themselves in the foot.
In public, if possible.


J: sohows [the business]
dying ah

Me: Take care - I must rest.

J: i thought you were doing well at one point

Me: Well, it's always been dying. There's only so much I can do to prop it up. But we can keep trying.
As in, that is my job.

J: cannot find core staff isit

Me: It doesn't really matter to me what people think about my judgments of my work. We can discuss that after I'm out of the job.

J: what do investors say

Me: Use your imagination 😉
Nothing un-obvious - generally pretty boring stuff.

J: whats yr runway

Me: Nada. Always nada. It's hand to mouth.
But with gradually increasing effort.
So at some point, one runs out of effort 😉
We shall see.

J: wah wah
pivot to a software company

Me: Story of the last 9 months.

J: or a groupon clone of some sort

Me: Nope - don't be silly.
That's a waste of oxygen, and you know it if you think about it.

J: why is it dying

Me: Various reasons.
Why do you ask? Answering your questions will not save it.

J: curious la
i like to know how things work (or not)

Me: I have to discuss this with dozens of people monthly, so I am tired of repeating myself.

J: humour me la

Me: Ask in a public place. Then I don't have to repeat myself so much.

J: :~(

Me: :)
I don't do this for fun 😛


maybe one shop cant self sustain
maybe it can only self sustain at scale

Of course it can. If it could not, no one would enter the market. It may be difficult, but that's not point.
Everything is easier at scale 😉

people enter the market thinking all sorts of things

People who expect success are idiots.

the market teaches them all sorts of things in return

I only expect the weather.

double down now

Which makes me a difficult investee for normal investors.

and open 2 more outlets

Sure, if there was cash, why not.

raise raise raise

No time for that.
I did my job there once.
No one has helped me since.
I have other jobs to do now.
It is not an ideal scenario - but that is my lot.

wah so bitter

It's not bitter - you only view it as bitter because you do not view the world through such realistic glasses 😉
This is what I expect of business. It is as normal as expecting people to complement or express disgust at coffee.

you only think it's not bitter
but actually it sounds bitter

Of course, but whatever you call bitter is probably normal for me over the past 20 years... it is just life.
(to me)
Everyone comes from a different place, and with a different point of view.
I will blog this. It is cute.

ya.. except only my point of view is correct

(I think everything is cute.)

or so says everyone

Good for you, young man.


I don't believe much in right or wrong points of view outside of strict definitions.

whens yr lease run out
thats when the axe will fall

Definitions enable language.
At that point, you're moving into vaguaries
(With statements such as the above.)


J: such bad definitions tsk
how to develop ~ language ~

Me: Not my problem. I'm under no incentive to make efforts to explain things to you lol.
I'm just giving the shortest possible answer for civility.
I don't care what you believe.

that was three sentences

Me: It's small talk.
Words do not require effort.
Precise words, require effort. 😉

J: aiyah your philosophy is bs lah
totally contradictory
anyway.. 2018 still got a long way to go

Me: We have not defined a philosophy to critique

[Pastes link to blog post.]

J: yay.

Me: Thank you for your company. It is more pleasant than that of the other fellow.

J: how can you compare me to (other fellow). Lol

Me: You are all strangers on the net.

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