Blah Blah on GITS

Here's a problem with civil rights, feminism, and intersectionality in general: too many people in the half-baked process of wrapping their heads around a theory, and proselytising these theories. Not enough people willing to get bloodied up making a non-discursive difference. (I'm generally of the violent solutions type. Can't really enjoy slow revolutions. But that's just my situation, and I expect no one else to act differently due to it. Hmm.) Resentment and projection of individual emptiness drives a lot of what passes for social justice activism. Often, a clique of individuals sharing a common trait may identify internally, and seek to impose its quest for representation upon social fabric that is otherwise ignorant of the clique's concerns. The smaller the clique, the harder it will be to gain representation for a fringe trait. Now taking it to extremes, we have individual snowflakes who identify with few others, seeing only their own differences from the rest of the world. Are they to be regarded as artists, or solipsists? Well, that depends wholly on their rhetorical fate.

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