Law in Malaysia

Someone suggested that "there are no straight lines in law," to which I thought:

"There are no straight lines in law only because it is not in the interest of criminals to have straight lines. And we, as a nation, as long as I have been born... not so old, only 34... have been run by criminals. So I really don't see much use in pretending that we live in a lawful society. I prefer for laws to be enforced, but empirical evidence suggests that reality is otherwise. ;) Almost always, around here."

In reflection: I have been thinking of late, about how the fundamentals of our nation rest on graft. Our heroes and success stories are often built upon it. Our political landscape is built upon it. Our businessess assume it exists inherent to the environment. It is not, after a few decades of consideration, something that I find myself unusually happy or sad about. But it is regretful that the nation did turn out this way. Unlike those who commit themselves to a different future, a nation built instead on the rule of law, I venture no such hope. Only a faint sense of curiosity. It is not a game to be played by the poor. And it has never been my longing to be materially wealthy. Strange, this life, and the lands it finds itself in. So very curious.

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