CRM on Dissatisfaction with Reduced Seating Quality

Dear sir. Changes to the establishment are not meant to be a slight against individual customers. Your contributions as an individual customer have been vast and immeasurable. However, the nature of the business has required tactical changes to occur. Over the past sixteen months, a key concern has been the shortage of floor space. Numerous attempts have been made to coach staff in the aggressive policing of space efficiency - by and large, these attempts have failed. The business has now resorted to modifying the architecture of the space so that it will require less aggression from staff. We have anticipated that this may cause a severe change in clientele - in fact, modifying furniture sizes is a key macroarchitectural lever in the control of sitting time in restaurants and cafes. As much as we regret to do so, and with significant risk to the accelerated closure of the establishment, we have to accept that brands, which are people, change. And when people change, their relationships change, sometimes becoming stagnant, and other times moving on. We wish you the best of times as a patron of comfortable places, wherever you may find them. The quality of your work at any location will probably take you there.

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