Human Metrics

Many here are not comfy with numbers, or managing people by numbers. But it would be good to hear some feedback from those who are comfy.


We run a bar and restaurant fully on independent contractors paid above federal minimum wage (RM4.81/hr). We start green front-of-house (FOH) recruits at RM5/hr, and aim to get them to solo the bar + floor + housekeeping, at which point they get RM8/hr, with an additional RM2/hr if they are soloing. I recently provided our FOH scheduler with the following target metrics:

A FOH crew at x should be able to deliver normal service quality on a shift that generates 12x the cost of FOH labour in gross sales. For example, an RM8/hr freelance soloing get RM10/hr, and in a 7 hour shift, 12x gross sales means RM840. And a full day of RM8/hr pairs working together should expect to handle RM3840 without stress. In the past we have run RM6k days with more staff.

Sales will be volatile, and for example, the middle shift can expect most of their sales to be generated in the final 60 minutes before the night team turns up. A single RM8/hr staff should expect to handle rushes of up to RM350/hour purely in bar sales. The figure is double if you mix in 60% kitchen sales, as production does not occur in FOH.


How about you? What sort of quantitative expectations/ limits/ budgets do you have of your teams?

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