This is a classic debate topic: if you get to choose what you like, are you just bisexual?

Generally I personally find it is possible to reprogram my brain to do anything I want it too ... which is dangerous, but also an interesting study. Most people don't have the time for that as it's rather energy intensive. So for the general population of non hackers, I would say, yes, if X turns us on, and we don't have a choice about it... we are X-sexual, and otherwise bi/pansexual. (Addendum: from there we get to then notice that we may not like all girls, or all boys... just some of them... and then does that make us hot-sexual? Ablist? Without splitting hairs... at that point the thought process kinda boils down to "we like what we like, at different times, for different reasons, and while we can generalise patterns in what we have liked in the past, we can't know what we will like or be like in the future!".)

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