Fencing with New Friends

What counts as a piece of art? A dish, a drink, a dance... A building, a kiss, a punch... hmm...


In general, people are systems, like black boxes... and they are going to represent themselves in various ways. Reading people is a sort of literacy, or semantic processing activity. Books don't change their shape. People do.

So there's no end to reading people. 😉

Biological answer: at the end of it all... we're wired a certain way. To do what animals do. We've evolved a reasoning engine that helps our animal parts do what they do more strategically. The reasoning engine can be severed from the animal parts. It's kinda up to you if you want to be more one or the other.

So cyberpunk.

Back to your question: so we want to know people for animal reasons. A computer doesn't care. #noonecares


Sadness: work.
Longing: missing people.
Loneliness: carnal.
Desire: pretty things everywhere.
Fear: civility.

Aside: cold air, quiet space, glass screen.


I always try not to know the names of lady customers at work.
Keeps them comfortably distant.
I'm trying to think of you more verbally, less physically.
More as a text (words on a screen), less as a set of sights and sounds
Moving you into that pristine computational end of consciousness

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