Hastily Written

On demand, a short article on the nature of my perspective on the relationship between myself and another who so happens to be the requester of this article. A friend of a friend spoke to me at work once, and commented that I reminded her of my friend. Later we met up for coffee, all three friends, and it was a novel meeting. My new friend bakes and takes care of her family. She cares about people, and while she bothers herself with their concerns for a living, she also does so for her own personal fulfillment. She enjoys writing. She studied at a university in Malaysia and requires of herself advanced degrees. Lesser degrees will not do. She respects the institutions of public education in this fashion. As for her health, she is often flitting from study to study, and may find it difficult to bring herself to bear on something as boring as monotony. Such is the nature of my new friend. The end.

Edited once.

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