What I Said

I love so many people. It's exhausting.

So then I just flip off and on the entire emotional apparatus at will.

Some aptitude, some training.

I'm going to be  ironic and start tweeting #wiw with what work I'm actually doing.

When I was in hospital for the finger thing... I was also hit on the head. Two lady friends (no intimate history) were like, "that's not good - that's all he's got."

Which is why I have to thank everyone for being kind.

One day, there  will be no more kindness. Haha. Now I sound like (one) who's afraid that she'll grow old and no one will swipe her on Tinder anymore. ;)

Do I tire from questions? Please note that it is rather much a carnal appreciation.

See the way my memory works, when I know I'm talking to you (remotely), your physical presence is recalled at the back of my head.

I've already answered  your questions on how I might react if I found you physically offensive. ;)

I might brush you off, yes, if I found you distasteful. But so far your conversations are mostly pleasant.

So of course I have wondered about what happens if a partner was superficially  disfigured / dismembered / beyond recognition at the physical level. I concluded to myself that it would depend on whether I could recognise their conversation.

What did I have to lose?

I told you I've been needy.

I only have two current activities, remember. ;)
Almost. Women and work. I sometimes say, philandering.

Dry? Most of my life is dry. ;) I spend so much on work.

I enjoy my work. Women enable my work. See how it works? Nevertheless don't doubt that I love you. There's always a utilitarian component.

(and see talk like this... ^^ is just too realistic for many romantics )

Human brain requires R&R in order to deliver output on an arbitrary axis "work".

Some R&R helps to optimise for certain work. You're in the portfolio. For now.

As much as I need (romance), you're there.

Thank you for  being kind.

I suppose  if I  analyse  it, romance is about dramatic risks. You're (not aggressive). But what you do, is in the context of where you are  in life, and I feel privileged to be a part of that.

Privilege. Discussing it sets expectations. You're not a right. 😂

You can either (say that you don't look for romance), or pick a definition of romance that describes what you find useful.

We can have a language of our own. You can with anyone. And within it lie all the references to secret things and nuances of a private life that make coupling (r word here).

And of course, I will argue that we can teach robots how to do this.