Ontological Questions

"Do you say that to everyone?"
"Well I make many offers, but not everyone reciprocates interest; you did. So now I know why you're here."
"Yes, you do. Why are you here?"

"In your language, "YOLO," in my language, "because we're because I love you; because loneliness; that's pretty much the definition of loneliness isn't it - the inability to love someone, and right now you're here."

"You make sense to me."

"You make sense to me, too. For now"

Not the exact text. This script needs polish. My memory is full of holes.


Uber's Future?

Uber's boon was market homogenisation. But to achieve that they had to bribe consumers AND policymakers with VC funds. It will either result in (a) decompositions via geographically linked spin-offs of operations, or (b) long-term public sector bailout via concessions+IPO with institutional investors taking a large % of the float. Maybe both. :)


"What do you mean, when you say you love me?"

"I don't know what you mean when you say I love you. What do you love? How would you break it down?"

Love is not an object. It's a state of the subject.
Those describe me, not you.
If I say I love you, it's really about me.
I always tell you directly when I notice something about you.
I think I've over done it with others.

Paraphrased: "Should we change the way we handle each other?"
It should happen when we're quite bored of everything each other has to offer. I believe in effortless progress.