Shiso / Perilla

That funny large leaf in sushi platings:





Had a good nap on food. Dreaming of expat Bengalis getting pulled into  pyramid con involving butt sex, by an insidious individual / shadowy character. Strange. The point of dreams is to be interesting. I rarely dream - had it all trained out of me a long time ago. So dreaming is like ice cream. A little luxury.

I'm not saying that I like these subjects, but that the imagery needs to be explored for the sake of diversity.

Law and Order

From a comment in a Facebook group:

1. The desire to fuck anything, legal or not, ethical or not, is given by nature, or the universe.

2. The social contract may or may not criminalise the thoughts and contemplations of 1.

3. Usually if 1. is followed by corporeal actions, it becomes of graver concern.

4. The social contract almost always criminalise a subset of 3.

In general, I think that treating people badly because they are weird at 1. is uncalled for. We should be policing 3. Meanwhile it is naive to assume that 1. will follow 3. It may or may not be cruel to entice our neighbours to commit crimes, when we know that as soon as they lose control of themselves, they are guilty of crimes. Whether this constitutes entrapment or not is a fun and dangerous discussion.



"Probably, I am trying too hard to impress you. I feel inadequate. It is a feeling that betrays a competitive nature. It will pass as I remind myself to just focus on enjoying the present. I am glad that this honesty cheers you. And it would be easier to read than to hear. I mean, in speech, this honesty is not far from dishonesty. It is a pun."

"Often, a counterparty will be displeased or excited about an event. When I have no emotional or intuitive response to that event, I do not always allow myself to remain silent, as the counterparty may be in a state of tension. I try to communicate to the counterparty that I acknowledge their duress or exhilaration, that I have little to offer, but that it is possible for us to cooperate nonetheless as players in the game of civil society. People who expect empathy are overreaching, entitled, brats. Empathy is a cognitive luxury, which I prefer to dispense with discretion. :)"

"Figuring out what each other wants, and whether the other can deliver, and being able to be transparent about good and bad experiences is crucial in any relationship. Work. Play. Whatev"