Knowing Too Much is a Bad Thing

I always wonder if I will go down for that kind of murder. The premediated technique, the unknown subject, and the circumstances of sudden conflict.


The Underdressed

"The sleep monitor makes you look better."
"Well, it is black, and so it creates a clean line against the natural tone of this skin. That is what it is to be well dressed, to be presented visually in clean lines. You do realise I normally avoid being well dressed."
"But why do you avoid it?"
"Because I don't want to be noticed. People like me avoid clean lines because it's camo(flage)."
"Why don't you want people to like you?"
"Stealth is an asset."
"Then how are you going to get dates?"
"Clearly, dates are not a priority.
"But you make time for dates."
"It's a hobby. You have hobbies. You play badminton for fun. You don't NEED to play badminton. Right?"
"So why are you wearing something with a clean line?"
"Because I'm on a date, and I don't want the sensitive counterparty to suffer muchly."
A big lie, if I ever told one. I just want data. But then again, picking the colour of the monitor was a fashion conscious decision. If you're going to lug around a computer all day, it might as well have multiple uses, including social engineering...