(Not clearly thought out; more of a placeholder for later development into a clearer position on, "offense," "respect," "cultural appropriation," and all that.)

I take issue with people who demand respect without knowing how to define it concretely. The whole movement of "taking offense" is about people who expect others not to hurt their feelings - while it is nice to propose such a morality, it is rather foolish to expect others to embrace it without war. So they go to war. Not a war I have time for, most days of the week...

The Mouse

Once there was a mouse. She was a timid little mouse. A mousey mouse, and she hid in quiet corners and watched as the larger occupants of the home lumbered by. One day there was an air of silence, and the timid little mouse wandered a little further into the spaces beyond her usual worryings.

And then the house fell down. The end.



The Rock

Once there was a rock. A great rock. It stood over the city of streetlights. But the citizens of the city could never see the rock, because the lights were bright, and it was always night.

And then, one day, after the long night, the sun rose. Still the citizens could see nothing. For the great rock covered the sky, stretching close to the horizons, blocking the sun's path. But the pale light, of this impossible moon, sang through their windows, and every child fell asleep.