The Third Type of Protest

Facists? Anti-fas? Pooh... you all gonna get hurt anyway.

OK - so there is space in this market for non-violent security corp - call them the sand-corp for human sandbags - you need a lot of them, they all wear beige, and they form lines in between armed groups. And they just sit there. Maybe with shields.



Autism, Empathy, Mental Discipline... and all that

Many people have a crippled sense of empathy. They relate well to babies, and cats, and pretty people, but not to machines, and rocks, and ugly ones. And they are self-righteous in their regard of the world. Hehehe.


Autism isn't a blase ignorance of empathy

Autism tends to start with hypersensitivity to sensory input. The overstimulation leads to panic, which turns off the lower priority cognitive functions like empathy, etc. So training to cope with sensory overstimulation is where we all start... as kids... that lays the canvas for the development of empathic behaviours via mirror neural reflexes, and communicative feedback loops. So that's two levels of training.

In terms of being able to turn them on/off at will... sometimes you want your meat to be social, and sometimes you want it to be antisocial. If the reasoning parts of the brain are in charge, with training, they can override all natural born impulses. This is mental discipline...

It's quite cool once you figure it out - you can see this viewpoint reflected in the daily auto-therapy of The Accountant Movie's protagonist. Also you will notice how he approaches it as a sort of monastic study that ties in with his militaristic skills. It's pretty much train, train, train, and everything gets fitter, stronger, etc.


This probably provides insights into ASPD, for the uninitiated.