Work as art

I'm not fussy about jobs, no seriously, I'm not. It's because the stuff I do for fun is pretty esoteric, and no one would really pay me to try and redesign the language layer of math. (I'm sure someone would, but I'm not desperately looking for that.) It's also annoying to hear people disliking their jobs. It's furthermore annoying to hear people hate the notion of disliking jobs. Too much hate, there is, out there.

I treat my jobs as work. I don't seek a work-life balance. I seek a perfect, indistinguishable, blend, of life, as work, the expenditure of energy. I don't want to love my work. I don't even want to be conscious of my work, outside of just doing what I would do anyway, for fun. Of course, the economics of this entails getting paid to do things that you enjoy doing, so really, I'm saying nothing new.

But if you 'wanna get with me, baby, my work has to like you. I am my work.


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