What Makes Me Sad

Recently I have heard acquaintances say things of the variety, "I observed X, and it made me sad." So that got me thinking about my own position on this issue.
People who don't analyse their feelings make me sad.
And really, I guess that's what this blog is about. Sensual pursuit, technological pursuit, commercial pursuit - these are all fields that I dive into for social purposes, because so many people engage in them already, making them good excuses to socialise with others.

Nevertheless, folks who identify strongly with some form of these fields... foodies, boozers, other druggies, motorheads, hackers, bankers, lawyers, etc. rarely seem to seek to tear down their macroaesthetic concepts and cognitions of these fields into components.

For example, too often one finds folks who, "enjoy riding motorcycles because it makes them feel good," who refuse to further analyse this feeling. There are also many folk who, "need to feel right about a certain person, or situation, before some decision can be made," who refuse to further analyse these feelings. There are folk who, "enjoy the taste of crabs cooked a certain way," who might be able to tell you the algorithm for preparing crabs, but who refuse then to analyse the experience of taste itself in a technical fashion.

I just find it exasperating. And since most people are like this, most people make me sad. But that is life, and one continues to attempt to find happiness amid these challenges. I suppose that is why in most social relationships, I find it easier to target the requirements of my counterparties - I generally regard my own as a lost cause. 


  1. I once had the same convo with a guy who liked turbulence on airplanes. The answer I got was nothing short of fascinating: he liked the feeling that he could be dead at any moment (if the plane did crash) and that split-second edge that "what-if" moment gave him.

    Keep prodding, friend.

  2. It's not too hard to train oneself to consider this at most junctions of the day. :)