Good signs

Fine tuning required? No problem. Spent all day at a specialty coffee shop... working on our grandstanding documents.

Doneeeee with today's proposal hacking. Back to Haskell hacking! 50km round trip to Bangsar; 70km to Kota Damansara; I need to find a budget hotel soon.

Got home and washed up. 0345 hours. Made myself add at least one functional transformation to the web framework I am working on. Right. Better than nothing. Off to bed!

Didn't sleep much. So after a quick snooze, tried out the armchair as the sun rose. Apparently, an automatic rice cooker makes a light toast!

At TTDI again... 30 clicks from home, twice in the same waking day. Whyyyy. Lol. Camping out with the lappy in DU; trying to be productive while traffic clears over the next couple of hours.

We got a lot of stuff done today.

PJ traffic deadlocks. Parking my car, turning off the engine, turning up the Bach, and taking a nap. Home. Washed. By the balcony. Reading for work. Computing for fun. Wondering if I'm depressed from undersleep, or underachievement.

Done with my minimum "one new software functionality," for the day. Going to sleep.

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