Can't really remember what it's like to watch advertisements in any media without feeling a little pukey. #video #audio #text #sex

Heck, can't even remember what it's like to mix around with general folks, without feeling a little pukey. Hehe.

When bored, I make up stories. I make up emotions. I make up thoughts. Many people are driven by fear or hunger. I am driven by boredom.

There are two types of people. People who have to prove themselves to others, using certain devices, and that's all there is to it.

When I hear "burning passion", I think UTI; but somehow, it gets all these marketers and startup souls up for work every day.

Ruminating on the opportunity cost of minimising my involvement in commerce. I lose a lot of rich friends. Hehe. It is not that they are bad people, they just have limited ranges of taste.

So much babble about getting from thought to implementation, without study of the structure of thought. LOL

Better the devil I am, than the devil I'm not ;P

When you die, you die, in peace, in pieces, in piss, whatever. I wonder what it would be like to die in peas. Now that, would be strangeness of Gaimaniac proportions.

Stop blaming foreigners. The country's a piece of shit neighbourhood as it is. They're only reacting to you. We kill too, here. Xenophobes can raise any excuses they have for having no mastery over their feelings. No one is to blame, eh? It's cute to watch bumis freak out about foreigners. My chink Malaysian experience is all about growing up in an alien nation.

Marissa taking lots of strategic criticism (i.e. shit) for a tactical move. Totally out of context. Ah well.

Fear is merely a human condition. Mostly. To have a little less fear is not really a good thing. I often worry that it will leave me maimed, and resentful. But it hasn't yet. (I am, slightly maimed - old hat.) The problem with fear, is fear. The only thing left to fear, are fearful people.

Emo egos everywhere. LOL. Some people have no frame of reference, without conflict. Wishing someone would pick a bigger issue to harp on. Oh the triteness of my local network. Depressed by a dearth of conversation. At least there's a little progress here with the machines.

I guess it brings a whole new meaning to "talking heads".

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