Wet enough to sound pretty

Grey, post-rainy, day. Beautiful for driving in the valleys. Delicious sound of pistons drenched in oil. Wet, wet, baby. Got my driver's license renewed. Changed the battery on my phone; had to take it back because they mucked up the antenna connection. Once that was done, a little more peaceful, I explored the nearby highways a little. Mist and low clouds everywhere. Perfect. Back home to make some simple congee.

I'd forgotten how fast cash burns when you eat out. Averaging about RM8.50/meal-out for 1.2 meal-outs/day. That's RM300/month at 30 days/month, and then I still have to cook one meal at home. FTS. On the other hand, it's nice to be in hand-to-mouth mode again. Less concern about financial growth. Just focusing on work.

Some people value the goods that money can buy, putting a bare minimum into the goods that only time can. I'm mostly interested in knowledge, so that's a subset of the time-bought goods. I aim to spend a bare minimum of my time on making money. Or so it seems.

Almost done liquidating my options portfolio. Let's check on that congee...

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