Economics of partying

Party? (Cost of fuel + computational/cognitive requirement for driving + time lost ) * (anticipated value of conversation) < 0 #stayHomeAndStudy

Post exercise, I actually feel a lot better. Wondering if it's worthwhile to drive over to KL for a 6pm party, the work at McDs, sleep in my car, and go for the 9am meeting. Sounds like a plan. Game on.


You don't know me, babe... I can sleep anywhere... hehe... as long as I get sleep. It's not a business meeting, so I don't care about presentation. Just some visiting friend of a friend from INSEAD who wants to meet local people for... I don't know, maybe information. Hey, I might not even bother to sleep before the meeting... I just got up at 2pm. The meeting's at 9am... it'll be just like a late night ;)

Halitosis? Coffee usually does the trick. It's a meeting over coffee. Other acidic crap like diet cola tends to keep things neutral. But I could be sorely mistaken!

Ended up back home for studies anyway. But I did figure out that the Bangsar swimming pool is a good place for a shower after 9:30am. After a lot of conversational seeding for an imaginary company, studying regex.

The maximisation of my time on earth is far less interesting, than the study of cognition, while I accidentally remain alive. Of course it is lonely, having few colleagues in this frame of mind, but I'm determined to not-be-a-whiner, and to make do with a few fucks, wage work, and casual chit-chat! That is, what it is to be a member of society.

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