Good Game!

Someone with a history of offending women, just by being himself, should not get in the way of women trying to have a #gg ;) (Especially if they're paying for it - my excuse for not buying the last ticket at a friend's eye-gazing party.) I have nothing against women. But I may offer them limited sentiments. Some say, I may be an asshole. (On aggregate, that probably means that I am.) I promised to buy a ticket at the next party, if women complained that the first one wasn't grown-up enough. (Maybe I'm just exhibiting a fear of woman, but to heck with the preponderances... back to coding... lol)

#til that someone who's blocked me on Twitter, over a conversation on racism, is a real firestarter in the industry that I now work in. lol. Which on Twitter is... I give up trying to discuss serious arguments on Twitter - people can't follow god damn THREADS let alone hold a logical train of thought together. If I recall correctly, I would probably have prodded the "activists" hardest on their general stance that women can joke about wanting to be raped, without it having any consequences. You can imagine where that led ;P Reminiscing conversations with people on Twitter - where my position is that one might be ethical, but a moron. Some can't understand it. Silly views are not the sort that all activists would take, of course, but they are the kind of view that some militant flamers might throw out on Twitter. Which folks like me are all to happy to pounce on. Until we get blocked, suspended, and called predatory

Tomorrow's going to be a big cleaning day, at home. Potentially a quiet week at work. I wonder if I can get some other work done.

The next day: crash an eye-gazing party? No way Imma lamp-post at 200+ dates...

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