Motivating: Humans, Being

Love. Money. Respect. Math. Some people pick one, and treat all others their means.
So, that was actually a typo - from "as means," but it makes sense, upon reflection, "their," refers to the one end.
Within the constraints of any projects, for example: a life.

Only, the indecisive amount to nothing. Everyone else is remembered, at least for trying.
Post roadtrip aphorisms, lol... was on a pre-incorporation business trip, we're still trying to figure out the team...; home sweet home, after a four day "business" trip. Mega storm must have tripped the switchboard breaker. Had to clear out the fridge :( ; got some coding done, just a little amidst multiple distractions. Off to bed after hanging the laundry.
Monday. Still alive. Shower, breakfast, CATCH UP ON CODING, about dinner time, go to work, do coffee shop stuff.

Learning to run GHC with -Wall and -Wall flags, to complain more strictly, and to fail on all errors respectively.

Not sure if I'm overloaded with details, or just underfueled. Hmm. Off to pursue the wages.

A good day at work. Pleasant conversations. Chats about hiring. I always make interviewees build something at the interview. Then I can see how they think.

Got a little coding done. Bed time. (I'd start buying AAPL calls again, if I wasn't busy on a budget. LOL)

Interviewing potential employers: I don't test for salary information - I test for information about the work+team. Based on that, I'm usually quite blunt with my salary requirements, which are usually above market if I don't think I will like the work+team, and below market if I feel that I will like the work+ team.

2013-03-25: Some are driven by sentimental, life defining, moments. I have had no such events so far - perhaps one day, a harder knock on the head.

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