Money Meditations

The only regret I have, from avoiding cash jobs, is that I couldn't keep up with the girl I loved. But hey, priorities - more study!

So it turns out that I'm more comfortable taking an $80,000 loss from actively traded options, than putting $5,000 into a company where I don't have a controlling interest. I guess I'm just a control freak, when it comes to money.

I figure, given my esoteric research interests, I'm just another hack like this one. :D

Though even that would be an achievement.

Cleaned the bathroom. Going to poke at code before lunch.

(ZOmg... I'm still the first hit for Google Images "malaysia crime finger". LOL As a story, that experience has just been pure profit...)

Since 2008, I've been expecting PKR to gain a significant minority in 2012/13, thereby increasing civil social discourse, and making things like a fairer election (and bloggers to run for serious office) more feasible in the next election.

I often worry that by the time I'm done learning how to talk to machines, I'll have forgotten how to think like a human being. That by then, there will be no money to be made, or women to be had. Then I tell myself, to get real and back to work. :P

Every distraction warrants a NFV guesstimate, and a NPV calculation, followed by a culling decision. Many times, I've sold my future. :)

2235 hours: After a bit of a monster coding nightmare... I am off for a brief run.

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