Resources + Girls + Computer Programming?

I was poking away at some code in a coffee shop where my bosses hang out, when a femme friend came over to say hi, and later asked if I knew any resources for training women in programming computers. I know there are tons of resources out there, but you know, charitably, (insert stars and unicorns), I've assembled a short list of resources to get her started. Viva la lazy web, I suppose.


storified SXSW discussion on scarcity


Girl Develop It
Girls Who Code


5 Girl Coders Under 21 to Watch
15 Developer/Hacker Women to Follow on Twitter - check out the six Twitter lists of MORE developers at the bottom of the article

I'm following a bunch of people on Twitter. Here are a few of those.


I'm interested in women and technology, though not necessarily in a related fashion.

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