The Languages of Crude Sex and Fine Coffee

It may just be, that for some ...
  • "acidity" is to "sexiness"
  • "bright" is to "fuckable"
  • "body" is to "friendship"
  • "muddled notes" is to "has baggage"
  • "flavourful" is to "good talker"
  • "full bodied" is to "reliable"
  • "lingering aftertaste" is to "good cuddler"
  • "aroma" is to "vibe"
  • "clean cup" is to "effortless relationship"
  • "shoe" is to "coyote ugly"
  • ...
  • ...
Context: I'm a straight guy who has been working on a third-wave coffee project for the past three months. It's said, by some top professional buyers of uber-scarce specialty coffee that it takes five years for someone to become a decent cupper (degustator / taster) of coffees.

The phenomenology of coffee, that is the language for describing how coffee is experienced, is young as far as technical languages are concerned, but fairly mature - it is differentiated from that of wine-tasting, for example. Nevertheless, as someone whose primary interest is in quantifying (read: analysing / demystifying) the varieties of human consciousness in general, I'm always interested who use different words could possibly be referring to the same sensation.

My career interest to-date is modeling human experience, and I'm at a stage of study where I'm interested in learning how to program computers so that I can implement models of cognition, and test them to see how well they behave. I think of all sensations as quantifiable signals, like sounds, but there's no need for everyone to go there (at least not in order to reflect on the map above).

Not sure if I'm achieving the right balance of student (math/theory/art) and normal-people stuff (models/politics/biz) in social media.

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